Why Wondergrass?

No wonder everyone’s installing Wondergrass


Why Wondergrass

Quality Synthetic Turf Products

Wondergrass is a well established business with a proud record of providing customers around Australia with a range of quality synthetic turf options, along with accessory products to help you install and maintain your turf. Wondergrass takes great pride in helping customers achieve their outdoor dreams and in doing so, helping them enjoy the outdoors more.

Wondergrass Synthetic Turf products are produced using the very latest technology and look virtually indistinguishable from real grass – they are that good. There is a turf option available for almost every application conceivable. With water conservation at the forefront of our priorities today, the time to start using Wondergrass has never been more environmentally important or cost effective. Explore the benefits of Wondergrass Synthetic Turf in your home or business, whether it’s saving water or putting time back into your weekends, the possibilities are only limited by your imagination.

To find more about why Wondergrass is such a popular choice, visit one of our convenient stockists and see Wondergrass for yourself. All of our stockists are highly respected businesses in their community and will be more than happy to show you our product range.