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Synthetic Turf

The possibilities are limited only by your imagination

The Wondergrass range of synthetic grass is produced with the latest advanced technology to offer you a solution for your garden, with our range of turf looking virtually indistinguishable from real grass. With water conservation at the forefront of our priorities today, the time to start using Wondergrass has never been more environmentally important or cost effective.

Explore the benefits of Wondergrass at your home or business, whether it’s saving water or putting time back into your weekends. It requires very little maintenance – there’s no mowing, no feeding, no weeding – just a quick brush or light rake once every couple of weeks to remove any surface debris and keep the grass in great shape.

With all these features, it really is no wonder Wondergrass is one of Australia’s leading synthetic grasses… so why not come and see it for yourself at a convenient location near you. All of our dealers are highly respected businesses in their community and will be more than happy to show you our product range.