Synthetic Turf

Choosing the lawn that’s right for you

Making the decision to install Synthetic Turf isn’t always clear cut. Before you select your preferred product make sure you take into account the follow requirements:

  • weather conditions & seasonal changes
  • look and feel
  • usage
  • maintenance, DIY or contracted
  • installation, DIY or contracted
  • costs, including the ongoing costs of contracted installation and/or maintenance where required

Synthetic Turf – The benefits of being low maintenance

The biggest benefit of your Wondergrass Synthetic Turf range is that it requires only minimal maintenance with no watering, feeding, cutting or trimming needed. Simply give your Synthetic Turf a quick brush or light rake once every couple of weeks to remove any surface debris and keep the grass in great shape. It is also very easy to install and doesn’t require quality top soil. Our ‘new generation’ of synthetic turf looks so real that they are virtually indistinguishable from real grass.

Our synthetic turf is ideal for a variety of applications and situation where natural products might find it hard to grow or maintain growth all year round without high levels of maintenance and care. It also can be use in architectural and business environments where the use of natural product would not be practical such as, balconies, entry ways, around pools or in shaded areas.

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