Synthetic Turf Installation

Installation of Wondergrass Synthetic Turf products is a relatively straightforward process. Follow our step-by-step guide to ensure your new turf is installed correctly and read the maintenance advice on how to look after your turf so you get ongoing trouble free enjoyment from your lawn.

Support is available if required and our dealers can also assist with locating professional installers for you.

Step-by-step installation guide

IS011. Excavate the proposed area to a depth of 100mm.

IS022. Crusher dust or fine crushed rock is used for the base. Compact using a wacker plate. The final height should be 20mm below garden edging.

3. Roll out the grass and cut into shape. Remembering that all the grass must run in the same direction when joining more than one piece.

IS044. When joining two pieces, flip over the edge of the matting and cut off the last row of stitching . This will ensure a clean sharp edge.

IS055. The joining tape and glue.

IS06A6a. Place the joining tape under the first piece, leaving half of the tape sticking out. Fix to the ground with a few nails for ease of placement.

IS06B6b. Spread the glue along the first half with a disposable spatula. If a spill occurs, petrol can be used to remove the wet glue (use caution).

IS077. Nail 100mm flat head Galvanised nails around the perimeter and along either side of the joins in 250mm increments.
IS08AND108. Brush up the grass, running against the pile direction. A stiff bristled broom can also be used for this.

IS099. Spread 10mm of Kiln dried sand evenly over the grass area.

IS08AND1010. Re-brush the grass and clean up.