How much turf will I need?

Calculate the amount of turf you need for your project

N.B. Instant turf orders must be a minimum of 35m2

Now its time to work out how much turf you will need. To do this you will need to measure the length and width in metres and multiply them to give you how many square metres you will need. If you have an unusual shaped area you will need to work out each little section at a time and then tally them up at the end.


Here is an example of how to measure your lawn:

10m x 3m = 30m²
1m x 4m = 16m²
2m x 10m = 20m²

TOTAL = 66m²

NB. If a section of your proposed lawn is triangular shaped, calculating the area of the triangle can seem tricky. It’s actually simple – double your triangle to get a rectangle. Calculate the area of the rectangle, then halve the area of the rectangle to get the desired triangle area.



Area of square = 11m x 4m = 44m²

Area of triangle = 44m² ÷ 2 = 22m²