DIY Advice

grass-roll-insertInstalling Wondergrass Synthetic Turf can be a great DIY project that adds value to your property and provides years of enjoyment. Before purchasing your Wondergrass products it’s important to assess the product that’s right for your situation and lifestyle by reading the Synthetic Turf section.

Once you’ve decided on your preferred product you’ll need to calculate the exact amount of turf you require and any accessories or tools you might need. Once you’re ready to progress with your project read our installation directions carefully and contact us if you have any questions. On-going maintenance of your Wondergrass is also very important, so also take the time to read the product maintenance tips.

Synthetic Turf?

Discover the benefits of Wondergrass turf products and which one is best for you.

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How much turf do I need?

Calculate the exact amount of turf you require to complete your DIY project.

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Installation of Wondergrass Synthetic Turf Products

Installing Wondergrass Synthetic Turf is a great DIY project that will provide years of enjoyment. You can also contact us or one of our dealers to assist you with professional installation.

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Keeping your Wondergrass Synthetic Turf looking great all year round requires a level of regular maintenance.

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